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Calvary Chapel Twin Peaks is centered around God’s revelation to us, the Bible. Through the teaching of His Word we learn about His character, plan, and love for us. As we grow in our understanding of Him, we experience His Spirit leading us to step out in ministry to one another and the world.




Lead Pastor | Mike Mugavero

Assistant Pastor | Brandon McCulloch


A Word from Pastor Brandon

“Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.” Matthew 5:37

“Seriously, I’m not kidding!”

Honestly, I’m telling the truth!”

So nothing you say is serious until you say it is?

Should we assume it is a lie until you announce it is the truth?

Words and Phrases mean to intensify a story or fact can actually dilute everything else. They lift a certain claim from out of the rest of your speech as if now the truth is fished from a sea of partial truths.

Why not just say exactly what we mean every time we speak?

I’ve worked with people who curse and cuss like their vocabulary cannot exceed four-lettered words. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t at a church!) My primary problem with this kind of speaking is how it limits the importance of one’s words to whatever is accented with such choice language. Which in turn causes these same words to repeat every other sentence. Which then reduces one’s communication to a series of efforts to convince one’s hearers of the truthfulness of their words.

But if we have to prove the truthfulness of our words, then we were never true from the beginning. That’s the heart of Jesus’ words. “Let your yes mean yes.”

God creates worlds with words. Jesus saves souls with words. All of creation yields to what they say. And they never said more than necessary. “Let there be light.” “Peace, be still.” “Lazarus, come out.”

-Pastor Brandon